Briefly in English

Narskuttelu Oy manufactures xylitol products in Kitee, Finland. Xylitol is nature’s own sweetener, which tastes like normal sugar but has much lower glycemic index. Xylitol protects teeth from cavities and is a healthier alternative to normal sugar. Xylitol is a good help for people suffering from dry mouth. Low glycemic index makes xylitol a healthier alternative to normal sugar for people with diabetes. Excessive consumption of xylitol may have a laxative effect. Note that xylitol should not be given for animals especially for dogs.

All ingredients are plant based and non-GMO (genetically modified organism), as well as halal and kosher quality. All products are prepared in a clean room area.

The company is currently doing small business into Central Europe.

Contact PhD Pharmaceutical Technology, President, Chairman of the board Pekka Hoppu,